Bail Bonds

You can get help paying bail when you need it from a 24-hour bondsman.

Bail Bonds Kissimmee, FL

Warrant Checks

Find out if you have an active warrant and consider a warrant walkthrough.

Warrant Checks Kissimmee, FL


We can verify and notarize the signing of all kinds of documents.

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Are Financial Problems Keeping Your Loved One In Jail?

We offer affordable bail bonds in the Kissimmee, FL area

Going through an arrest isn't easy. Whether you're innocent or not, you'll end up waiting for your court date in jail if you can't afford bail. A+ Bonding Company can help you get your freedom back with affordable bail bonds.

We help people in and around Kissimmee, FL by...

  • Providing 24-hour service so you can get help with bail bonds at any time
  • Offering affordable payment plans to make paying for bail as easy as possible
  • Helping with processes like warrant checks and walkthroughs

We'll work with you to help make sure you or your loved one spends as little time in jail as possible. Call our 24-hour bondsman now at 407-343-5180 for help.

Get Legal Proof Of Your Signature

Notarize your document at our office today

Make sure your document is recognized

Many documents require a notary's stamp to be considered legal. If you need to sign a deed, car title or power of attorney document, come to A+ Bonding Company. We'll verify your signature and provide a notarial certificate, making your document official.

Even contracts that are normally recognized can be easier to enforce when backed up by a notary. No matter what side of the legal issue you're on, having a notarized document will make the entire process smoother.

Visit our office in Kissimmee, FL today for notary service.